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"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

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Is there a revolution of consciuosness going on?

Do we need to change things on a fundamental level?

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What is it? Where is it? When is it?
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Read about how Ming Duh Merciless has come to our star system to supervise our destruction ......
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Hypnosis Can Help You Access Total Self-confidence

Confidence is a state of mind that is conditioned through experiences. When a person experiences success, that person will tend to expect to be successful ...... more

Tips For Raising Self Esteem And Self Confidence

A condition of low self esteem is like a corrosive acid that eats away at our self image until we are paralyzed to act affectively .... more

Hypnosis As A Powerful Weight Management Solution

Weight control and management, or any other problematic behavior pattern that adversely affect our lives, are sometimes difficult to overcome.... more

Is Meditation The Master Key?

When it comes to any form of self help, self change or self improvement, meditation seems to be one of the most potent tools available ...... more

Accessing The Back Door To Self Awareness

The first critical step in the self improvement process is to discover what needs to be improved. We can't do anything about what we are not aware of. ...... more

Meditation And The Tyranny Of Thoughts

A look at how the mind can take complete control of our lives if we let it have that kind of power ..... more

The Person We Think We Are And The World We Think Is Real

What if you suddenly discovered that the person you think you are and the world you think is real is actually just a product of your mind's ability to create imaginary realities and for some reason one day you woke up and decided that one of those realities was the real actual world and that your imaginary image of yourself was also the real you?....
....... read more

Global Citizenship?

Long ago when the world was still "BIG", and the Human footprint wasn't as significant as it is today, and life was much simpler, the scope of our responsibilities was much smaller. Today however, the world is small, our footprint is large and we must be responsible on so many more levels, including the global level ....
....... read more

Communicating With The Subconscious Mind?

Only recently has the subconscious mind been demystified and revealed new perceptions that have opened the doors to new possibilities.
....... read more

Reality And Whose Living There

For decades I thought I knew what reality was, and in a way I did. Imagine my surprise when, years later after going on a long journey of developing my awareness, I discovered that I was not only clueless but a long time resident of La La Land and didn't even know who had been living there all those years. ....
....... read more

Self Discipline, A Key To Success

Many of us associate the terms self discipline with images ranging from a grocery list to managing a giant construction project to memories of Mom and Dad trying to get us to conform to the norms of society ....
....... read more

Power Success And Self Awareness

The idea that we can live successfully without achieving a certain level of self awareness probably depends on what we think of as successful living. To me, successful living is not only about having material wealth, but also peace, happiness and spiritual well being....
....... read more

Humint 2.0 Defining A New Intelligence

Since our species doesn't have a well thought out definition of what Human intelligence might be, we thought that we should begin ....
....... read more

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