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"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

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The Consumer / Producer Meltdown     By R.E. Darby

One reason why we are in the economic situation we are in today. No, this is the truth we don't want to hear, and part of the problem is, we never did want to hear it.

What Will We Sacrifice Now?

What part of 'nothing lasts forever' does the Human species not understand? We have already sacrificed our quality of life to our indifference, will we now sacrifice our actual lives? Are we so afraid to face reality that we will actually let the Human species go extinct rather than see and deal with the actual truths that we are face with?

A consumer / producer based economic system can't last forever. It depends on resources and resources are not infinite therefore this kind of economic system cannot be sustained indefinitely. And when we speak of resources we must include all resources including geographical resources. What were all the economic experts doing all this time? Did they not see it coming? This was not just foreseeable, it was obvious, at least to those whose concern went beyond the boundaries of their own self interest.

What part of 'things run out' is so difficult to grasp? Or is it that we are such spoiled brats that wejust don't like the idea that things don't last forever. 'Whaaa, I don't want reality to be like that.'

Does no one think that this kind of behavior is adolescent? How is it we can call ourselves an intelligent species when we can't even process the simplest of thoughts or even grow up? What does this kind of behavior say about us as a species? Or will we just throw up our hands and resort to our usual denial and say, 'it's not my responsibility I elected others to take care of my thinking for me.' Well, here's a little update for you. Those 'others' that we selected to use in order to avoid our own responsibilities as citizens, need to be monitored carefully by those with a minimum level of awareness and intelligence, in other words, the citizens.

Wake Up Or Extinction

What? The citizens are aware and intelligent? When did this happen, and how? I look around and wonder how could so many of us be asleep for so long? Did we actually believe that the bubble would never burst? When will we decide to care enough to take responsibility and begin to think clearly about the actual realities as opposed to our convenient self serving realities? When will we awaken from our self imposed comatose state and begin to develop beyond our adolescents?

This view of the Human species today tends to generate many questions, but one of the most interesting and revealing questions is. Whose best interest are served by keeping the general population from developing their intelligence? The answer is not just those with power and economic wealth, but all of us. Those who will take responsibility, whether they can handle it or not, will be given that responsibility by those of us who are afraid of responsibility or just plain lazy. How can we still be playing leader and follower games at least 10,000 years into our recorded history? What the hell are we afraid of? Life? Like a bunch of selfish children, wrapping ourselves in our warm comfortable obsessions, always wanting to take the easy self serving way, wanting more of everything, especially comfort.

With our potential for intelligence as well as achieving a higher level of awareness, isn't it reasonable to expect that as long as our species has been on this world, we should have at least evolved beyond a herd animals level of development? It's time to wake up and grow up boys and girls, because in case you missed the memo, our beautiful world is going down in the flames of our fear, arrogance and indifference.

The bill for our long romance with self imposed ignorance and the single minded pursuit of instant gratification of every whim and desire is now coming due. Will we step up to our personal and global responsibilities, or will history record our species as a bunch of frightened, ignorant, helpless babies?


So, where do we begin? There are some who believe that a basic change of mindset is in order. This means that we need to first establish quality life values. These are not the so called values that the baby boomers always seem to be reminiscing about, while never realizing that those values were a fantasy and never were anything real. Nor are they the standards defined by the traditional economic system that demands, and gets, the sacrifice of Human life on a daily basis. That we continue to support these outdated and inappropriateconcepts, is a clear indication of our lack of intelligence and social responsibility.

No, we need to define real values, those truths that endure time. Unlike many truths that change with new knowledge or circumstances, real values stay relevant and appropriate decade after decade and can be relied on to guide our thoughts and decisions and the behavior that results from those decisions. The starting point for our new values must include life and the quality of all life as a highest priority.

Once we have our values in place, we can then begin to seek new and innovative solutions to the challenges that confront us, solutions whose scope and dimension are no longer shackled by the absents of genuine values, real intelligence, or the concerns of a self serving, antiquated, inappropriate and destructive economic system.

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