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Which do we have?Has the education system in the US failed in its mission?

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"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

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Recovering from civilization can be brutal but neccessary if we are to become truly free from it's influence. Kick the civilization habit here!

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The Condition Of Our ConditionArticles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

Is Anyone Driving The Car?   By Bad Bob

The following article is intended to generate constructive thought and criticism on what we believe are issues that deal directly withthe underlying problems facing mankind today. Inevitably this also generates questions that drive the staff at the Agenda of life Foundationcompletely nuts, often resulting in an unauthorized and unscheduled distribution of medication.

Natural Selection

Humans seem to have evolved to a point where the process of human development which goes from childhood to adolescents to adulthood is no longer important.
How could it not be important? Is this part of the Human makeup immune from evolutionary advances? In fact,shouldn't we have even reached higher levels of development by now? If we don't pay any attentionto this area of our growth, could things go wrong?
What if for some reason the Human species, or a large percentage of us became stalled in the adolescent stage of development. This stage is characterized by identity problems, confusion, difficulty with reasoning and responsibility and is prone to a heavy egocentric orientation. If natural selection applies to Humans, then the winning adaptation will be the shallowest most superficial and immature. This is known as dumbing down.

Evolutionary Problems

The first evolution related problem is that if we get stuck in this stage of development, how are our children going to grow up? It would be impossible to raise children beyond where you yourself are. So we have adolescents raising adolescents who will in turn raise adolescents, generation after generation.There are strong indications that this is actually an accurate representation of the current situation in the world, and if this is true, this is not good news for the evolution of the Human species and is exactly the wrong direction we should be going in right now, when we are faced with critical issues that seem to be the consequences of our neglect and indifference in the past. Some of which may even be caused by our inability to complete the process of Human development.We certainly don't need to be going backwards at a time when we desperately need mature responsible Human life forms stepping up to these challenges.


This strange kind of adult adolescents is characterized partly by the inability to get past the single minded obsession with the immediate gratification of our immediate needs and or desires, and is almost exclusively about our comfort and entertainment, both of which are destructive when they take on too much importance in life. Many civilizations have been destroyed from within by the indifference generated by a combination of absents of strong values and too much emphasis on the attainment and enjoyment of comfort. Obsessions and the single minded focus on superficial pursuits almost always has a hidden agenda. Sometimes it's only a simple matter of procrastination but sometimes it goes deeper and becomes our strategy to avoid the ever insistent calls of our neglected responsibilities. And sometimes it has to do with an underlying and irrational feeling of fear of the truths so long denied.

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