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Education or Indoctrination,
Which do we have?Has the education system in the US failed in its mission?

What's Up With Ming

"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

Civilization Rehab

Recovering from civilization can be brutal but neccessary if we are to become truly free from it's influence. Kick the civilization habit here!

Being Human

The Condition Of Our ConditionArticles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

Global Citizenship   By Bad Bob

Developing higher levels of awareness results in the understanding that we need to adapt and adjust in more flexible ways in order to be appropriate to the demands of time and change. Expanding our perception of ourselves and our relationship with our world will be critical to our survival.

Problems and Solutions

There is nothing like suddenly realizing that you have been unaware of the existence of a problem. And of course, that is the first step in finding a possible solution.

One of the difficulties with finding solutions for some of the problems facing our species these days is that some of the causes of those problems are beyond our current scope of awareness. Take for example the fact that few people of one cultural background or country seem to be able to understand and respect people from a different cultural background or country.

In the past when the world was much larger and we didn't have as much exposure to other cultures, this lack of awareness may have been understandable, but today the world is much smaller and communication has brought people closer together. So why do we still display these same limited views and attitudes?

Modern Civilization

Modern civilization seems to be obsessed with comfort and convenience and we never suspect that there may be a hidden price. That price is indifference and complacency, and these are extremely dangerous. The problem isn't comfort itself, but the importance we give it. We seem to see it as a high value goal rather than a temporary condition, an end in itself rather than a pleasant experience, and when we perceive things in such a way, we are in danger of coming under the influence of its spell. The spell of complacency and indifference is corrosive and begins the process of decay.

Decay rarely occurs at a noticeable speed, which results in the fact that it goes unnoticed. It is this fact that allows changes to occur over generations without the general population being aware of what is taking place. This however is not the case where some concepts are concerned. Like the idea of Human intelligence, which didn't decay over time, but simply never was developed in the first place. But good quality thinking skills, solid dependable values, these can and do decay in an environment where comfort rules.

Perceptions Awareness & Scope

It makes sense that the quality of our awareness depends on the quality of our perceptions. But what about the extent of our perceptions? How does that affect our awareness? In other words, if I have never perceived anything beyond say, myself, what does that mean in terms of my awareness? To be a responsible parent, my perceptions, and therefore my awareness, must go beyond myself to include my family.

When the world was larger and the Human footprint was much smaller, Human responsibility was much simpler. Now however, with the world getting much smaller and our footprint getting much larger, Human responsibility is getting much more complicated. We must be a local citizen, a national citizen, an international citizen and now it is critical that we step up to global citizenship and even extra terrestrial citizenship. And of course, this includes all the responsibilities that come with this expanded awareness.

Broadening Our Horizons

How we perceive ourselves partially determines the quality of people we are. If we continue to think of ourselves in ways that are no longer relevant and appropriate to a changing world, our civilization will decay and disappear. On the other hand, if we can find the courage to step up to our global responsibilities and citizenship we just might find a way to live compatibly with our world and the other life we share it with.

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