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The Nuts And Bolts Of Success  By:  R.E. Darby

What We Bring To Success

Far too many of us believe that success depends on good fortune more than anything else. While good fortune is nice to encounter, real success has always been the result of Human characteristics, and for some astonishing reason that escapes me, these things are not taught in our education system and apparently not in the home either. So, for those of you who don't know the Human components of the formula for success, here is short list with a brief description.

Aside from the first three on the list which are desire, intention and commitment, which are themselves the cornerstones of action, this list is not in any particular order of application. If you think about these elements you will realize that they are needed at different times in any undetaking. These characteristics are also components of our personal creative power, so of course, if we want to create success, they must come into play. But these represent our personal investment and are critical to the success of any project or goal. The material world of money and objects will serve these powerful characteristics.

The Success Formula

This is the short list and by no means the complete list of attributes that we can bring to the table of success, but they are the most important elements, without which success will likely slip through our hands.


Many people miss this one, yet it is one of the keys to power. Without desire, what is the point? Why are we doing what we are doing if it does not serve our intention? Are we just building a token gesture in service of some hidden agenda or motive? Perhaps even hidden from ourselves? A clear decisive intention based on a well defined desire is necessary here. Thought, without the power of desire to give it vitality, is sterile and powerless to create.


This characteristic helps to initiate action because it reflects a firm decision to at least go a little further. Often confused with desire, commitment or determination, intention is the first step in translating what until now is the product of the inner world of mind and thought into not only further thought, but also actions that may take place in the material reality designed to further the realization of the object of our desire.

Intention is capable of accessing enormous power resources by its very nature alone. It can make the decision to go a short distance forward or open the way for a full commitment to go forward with the project thereby releasing the subconscious mind to use all available power to carry out the realization of that which is desired.


This is the bingo point, the point of no return without too much loss of investment. This is where it is 100% investment of everything, or nothing at all. Half assed commitments produce half assed results. These belong to the failure mindset that needs to deceive itself into believing that it is actually doing something to succeed, when lip service is the only thing that is really going on.

Fear of commitment often reflects a lack of self confidence and self assurance, but it more often reflects a lack of faith, not only in ourselves, but also the reality of the existence of spiritual power and harmony.

Commitment is a must, if we are not committed to the fulfillment of our own desires then there can be little or no real desire in the first place, and power will not arrive because there is no real purpose that demands the presence of power. In many cases and situations there can be degrees of commitment, but in this context, the level of commitment is directly related to the level of successful achievement. Bring it all, win it all! Commitment affirms our intention and initiates action by sending the message to the subconscious mind that we are not just daydreaming and fantasizing about what we desire, but are serious and our commitment is our proof.


Although you can succeed without confidence in yourself, it is often a grueling challenge and is uphill all the way. Many obstacles will be in your way that wouldn't otherwise be there if you had developed confidence in yourself and even though that development is also a challenge, it is not impossible. Look to self esteem for some of the answers.


This is our insurance policy for success. While it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between commitment and determination, I think of them in this way. Commitment gets the ball rolling and determination keeps it rolling against all obstacles. Determination is that characteristic of the mind that drives us to seek solutions and alternatives rather than surrender to failure and defeat. Also, determination serves as a long term support for our commitments which can be strong in the beginning but weaken with time, and determination can revitalize and reaffirm our commitment because that is what it does, It calls upon a kind of reserve power designed to recharge our resolve or boost us over the bumps that any explorer is bound to encounter.


Sometimes when people succeed against all odds and opposition, they are said to have heart. This is perseverance in action. It is another success oriented mechanism that provides a reserve resource of strength and power that can be called upon when strong intention and commitment begin to weaken due to a heavy assault of negative influences or challenges that tend to wear us down and attack our resolve. This mechanism provides the strength and power to carry on despite all our efforts coming to nothing and our spirits taking a pounding. This is the booster rocket that gets us passed the discouragement and weaknesses that we are sometimes faced with in life.

Faith And Courage:

Fear thrives in the darkness of unchanging realities and the truth is the light that conquers the dark. Truth is the light that conquers fear. Risk is an indicator of the courage to live life. No investment, no return. No risk, no reward. Safe and secure is not always the best path but only the comfortable path, and the dangers of a single minded focus on comfort are complacency and indifference, both of which are the enemies of learning and growth and are characteristics of the decay of hope and caring and all that those two concepts stand for.

Faith is a different kind of belief. A belief based on the conviction that something is real though there is no material evidence to verify it, is said to be faith. I believe that evaluating the concept of faith by the standards of the material world is a mistake. Faith belongs to an entirely different reality that has its own rules and laws. Faith in our success is faith in ourselves and when it comes to power, faith is the heavy hitter.


The least appreciated and understood mechanism, yet its power is absolute. Without patience, there can be no success, the lack of patience can shut down any effort or project. More time and energy have been wasted because of the misuse of this mechanism than all the others combined. I sometimes think of patience as the ring that rules them all. It is the one ingredient that all the others depend on.

Whatever is undertaken in the material reality must be done within time simply because space/time are properties of the material version of reality. The seed germinates in time, the tree grows in time, our physical presence lives and dies in time. Patience is the recognition of time and its importance to the creative cycle of birth, growth and renewal that is characteristic of the material world and any creative activity.

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