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Which do we have?Has the education system in the US failed in its mission?

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The Condition Of Our ConditionArticles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

Quality of Life and Financial Wealth   By Bad Bob

A society does not serve its citizens well to the extent that its systems can and do become a liability and burden on those citizens. When an economic system becomes more important than the quality of Human life, there is definitely something wrong in river city.

Quality of Life

They say that the struggle or effort to overcome challenges makes us stronger. Sounds good. But in the real world, huge numbers of the Human population are engaged in a struggle that never seems to end, the struggle to survive with a reasonable measure of quality to their life.

A blatant indicator of our lack of meaningful values is the fact that we have allowed an economic system to become more important than Human life and quality of life. If we let our natural paranoia loose for a moment, we might even entertain the idea that maintaining this condition, and therefore keeping the general population distracted and unlikely to realize certain realities, is a very efficient social control or responsibility avoidance mechanism.

Social Organization?

The first reality is that as advanced as we think we are, there should be much more to life than being born, getting subjected to a social and economic indoctrination system disguised as an education system, working most of our conscious hours to support and perpetuate a social and economic system, and then die? Is this intelligent behavior?

Is this form of social organization likely to benefit life on this world? In what way might our current social organizational systems be likely to promote, explore, initiate and produce a consciously directed, high quality evolutionary agenda for the Human species?

Another reality, and this one keeps us from realizing the first one, is that as long as the majority of our time is devoted to survival and the maintenance of a basic quality of life, we are not likely to engage in any activities dedicated to personal development or self improvement.

We might for example, begin to improve our thinking skills, which might lead to a higher level of awareness, which might indicate that we need to develop actual intelligence, which would be deadly to the status quo.

Internet Based Incomes

At no other time in our history has our economic system been under so much scrutiny. But any solution will require change, and change is part of the fear and ignorance based reluctance of today's civilization.

We can however hope for the best and do what we can to help, but in the meantime, what can the individual do as a temporary solution for an inadequate financial condition, and at the same time perhaps achieve some free time to explore some personal agendas?

When I'm not writing inflammatory internet articles, I write grant proposals for a nonprofit organization, and this nonprofit ask me to research alternative revenue sources. This is how I accidentally discovered one of the newer strategies for generating revenue. This is about internet based incomes and a sad reality of a maturing industry.

Real Possibilities

The wild west days of the internet are beginning to drift into history and be replaced with a much more mature and sophisticated community. This is especially so in the internet marketing and advertizing industry.

The sad part is that the legacy of the wild west days, where get rich quick scam artists ran rampant, resulted in positioning the internet consumer into such a defensive mindset, that the genuine revenue generating opportunities were simply ignored because they sounded so much like the hustlers.

It was ironic that the benefits that were so attractive to this industry (which by the way, with the exception of instant riches, are actually real) were the very features and buzz words used by the scam artists. But like all scam artists, they appealed to the lazy thoughtless consumers unrealistically looking for the easy way.

Freedom From The Struggle

The good news, is that generating a very respectable income on the internet is real. But is it easy? At first no. Is it instant? Can be, but usually isn't. How about free time to pursue a higher quality of life?

The good news is, yes absolutely! I reported my findings to the nonprofit, they ask me to set it up and with several websites, affiliate marketing, google adwords campaigns and adsense, and the help of some solid reliable resources out there, it works like a charm.

If you would like to investigate this possibility, here is a good place to start for the beginner.