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Education or Indoctrination,
Which do we have? Has the education system in the US failed in its mission?

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Making changes to our thinking and behavior doesn't have to be painful or expensive.
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"Success Failure and the Secrets of Unlimited Power"

Review by: C.C. Paige

Every once in awhile a book comes along that has the power to change us and our lives in profound ways simply because of its unique perspective and deep insights into the nature of Human behavior, and this is just such a book.

Aside from the fact that there are always many people who are trying to deal with the behavioral consequences of a challenging childhood or even just the normal damage we all sustain from growing up in a less than perfect civilization, these days there are so many more joining the ranks of the less than secure, having had their security pulled out from under them by recent events.

The big challenge here is the fact that none of us have been prepared for any of this. The social, economic and political indoctrination system that goes under the name of an educational system aims at turning out obedient drone consumers rather than independently thinking well balanced individuals, able to be flexible enough to adjust to any changing situation and deal appropriately with it.

Well, that's all changing now. With the publication of this e-book we now have a small window of hope that there is something we can do to change our lives and the world. The author of this book goes way beyond the exploration of success and failure and reveals the one thing that we fear, our own enormous power. Not only that, but he reveals it in such a way that we will find it very difficult to avoid or escape the truths about ourselves that we all know we need to look at but have just been too afraid.

And so, we open up the can of worms we all seem to have been avoiding for so long. Don't ask me why. Maybe I'm just tired of the same old traditional social, economic and political systems and all the old ways of seeing reality, the thinking patterns, the assumptions that are never questioned, the comfort and complacency that we seem to have surrendered our lives to. Maybe it's just that little voice that keeps trying to tell me that there is something wrong in river city.

So while this book is a great resource for those who are struggleing with personal issues and even traumatic issues, it is also the definitive user manual for personal creative power which is our way out if we can only find the courage to take possession of it. And as the author says, the way out is to go right at it and look within where the real truth lives and has been waiting for us.

I walked away from this book more than a little shaken and definitely not the same person I was when I began it. The sales page doesn't even begin to reveal what is waiting for you!

You can get your free copy of the e-book here.

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