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Things To Think About

Education or Indoctrination,
Which do we have?Has the education system in the US failed in its mission?

What's Up With Ming

"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

Civilization Rehab

Recovering from civilization can be brutal but neccessary if we are to become truly free from it's influence. Kick the civilization habit here!

Being Human

The Condition Of Our Condition Articles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

The Source Of Our Dysfunction

The staff here are pretty much like any normal inmates at a cookie factory and we don't work out of officesso much as we all occupy one large rubber room. Unauthorized tantrums are disallowed. All tantrums must be authorized at least five minutes before meltdown. We regularly conduct flying object avoidance drills for insurance purposes first and staffsafety second. We always have our priorities in order.

How It All Started

Our founder apparently spent the first 47 years of his life attempting to give new meaning to the term denial and then he suddenly found himself the single father of a little girl. Never having learned how to behave particularlywell, he was faced with a huge set of learning curves. One of his first problems was that instead of going to school when he was young, he had gone to juvenal hall where learning skills were not high on their list of prioritiesand so he never learned how to learn, and in fact, was afraid to try to learn even if he did know how. But what he did know, was thatthere was a little girl depending on him so he had tostep up to the plate and try to figure out how to become a normal responsible Human life form.

This Can't Be Right

This is not the place to recount his amazing odyssey which included two career changes after the age of 55. Along the way he had discovered that he could learn, and when that happened he went crazyand began learning everything he could about everything. What happened was that hewent a little overboard with the learning and self improvement agenda and suddenly stopped and began looking at the world around him in order to determine his progress if any. What he saw and realized shocked him, and it took awhile to recover. But finally hebegan to realize that he had gone far beyond where most Humans were afraid or just unwilling to go, and the result was that he could nowsee things that many others could not or would not see, although at that time he couldn't figure out why, that would come later.

What Now?

But now he had achieved a level of awareness and knowledge that would not allow him to unknow the truths he had discovered, and one of those truths was that while he had paid his legal debt to society, he had incurred a moral debt that he probably couldn't repay in hislifetime. And so, whenever he is asked (and we try to warn everyone not to) about his motives, he assumes a stance with his chest out,his head tilted slightly upward and to the side, with fisted hands mounted on hips in the traditional super hero attitude, and he saysin a loud commanding voice, "Here I am, I've come to save the world." at which point we all throw our pencils at him in disgust. Wadda hon-yock.

About The Staff

The Foundation staff are not dangerous as long as they take their medications. We now maintain a backup supply of medications after a recent episode where the local pharmacy had to close for an unspecified period of time resulting in several meltdowns to which fourcomputers were sacrificed to appease the god of lunatics. Perhaps the best testimonial is to say that they do the best they can, withwhat they have, considering where they are. So, on the rare occasion that you have a problem with the purchase of one of our productsand your e-mail is answered by someone calling themselves Billy Bob Bubba, or Jumpin Jack Flash, just act as if nothing is wrong and itwill be ok. Also, the staff rotates various mundane duties at the facilities so at any given time the janitor might be a PHD.

Our Motives and Goals

These should be clear from the content on our site, but just so there is no mistake, our motives and goals originate from our hearts andthe courage to care. It is sad that caring takes courage in our times but this is likely to be so, as long as our hearts ache with painwhenever we happen to look at our world with honest eyes, which is sadly not very often because honesty too requires courage these days.Our goals however are designed around the fact that we are a species who possess enormous powers, not the least of which is the power tobecome aware, to make decisions and thereby change, alter, adapt or replace anything we determine through reason needs it. Because we recognize that thereare reasons why we fear accepting and embracing the reality of our power, many of our goals are actually objectives that we hope to achievein order to reach higher goals. But all of our goals are about learning and growing and thereby improving ourselves in ways that make eachof us more valuable assets to the agenda of life on this world.

What We Market and Why

In order to implement the mission of the Foundation which is the improvement of the Human species through learning and growing, we make educational and self improvement products available on our web site in order to generate the enormous funding neccessary to engage in theactivity of changing mind sets on a global scale. Some of these are our own products that have a solid track record and some are the products of other organizationswith whom we are affiliated. When wesay affiliated, we are talking about a reality of internet marketing and e-business in general called affiliate programs whereby one sitemay provide links to a product on another web site and if a purchase is made the first or originating site will receive financial benefit. We make a strong effort to verify the quality of the products of our affiliates before we associate ourselves with them, but there have been one or two occasions where we missed the mark. Because of this, we hope that the consumer will e-mail us there opinion or experienceswith such products so we can take another look for ourselves. The integrity of the Agenda Of Life Foundation is extremely important, soplease do not hesitate to give us feedback.

About The Lighter Side

Back when we were storyboarding and brainstorming in order to build the conceptual framework of the site, there were many whothought that we were crazy to include the element of humor. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Agenda of Life is that ofthe BHSM or the Balanced Healthy Systems Management strategy of Earth systems, and we carry this model over to the individual Human life formin our Integrated Human course. These are whole system approaches which imply the successful integration of separate elements. So, toexclude humor from the Human equation would not be in keeping with our conceptual framework or paradigm. Therefore Ming lives and so dothe alien scientists aboard the ship Ghost. These characters however are not random superficial creations simply for entertainment purposes.Humor is a communication platform which we use to carry the Foundations messages, it's just a different delivery service.

What We Believe

We believe that the Human lifeform is the most incredible manifestation of life that has ever appeared, and that we can not rule out thepossibility that it is the only instance of such life across the entire Universe, because from the current level of our knowledge, that reality is just as possible as that we are not the only instance of such life. However, since we support the expansion of the Human mindin ways that allow us to explore possibilities beyond those that include the concept of a container or containment, we must thereforeinclude the possibility that this instance of a big bang is but one of many billions and thus intelligent life could be unbelievably precious.That being said, we must then realize the enormous value of the Human lifeform and in fact, the incredible treasure that all life on thisworld represents and therefore make every effort to get samples of this life off of just one planet, and begin distributing it throughoutat least our solar system. Think about it, there is always going to be a Ming and other extraterrestial objects.

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