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The Condition Of Our ConditionArticles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

Dealing With Change   By Paige Foxfire

The Changing World

Many People today are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt to the rapid changes in our world. And it's not only the older generations, young people are looking at the condition our condition is in and trying to find something to hold onto that is reliable andcan be counted on not to be pulled out from under them in the next breath. Even in terms of our own Human history these changes have beencomming at us rather recently and very rapidly.

Science technology and information are reconfiguring our reality on a daily basis and older generations are having a problem keeping up with them and younger generations almost feel obligated to be on top of it all. But no one is questioning if any of these changes are valuable additions to our world/civilization or will not have negative implications for the future.It all seems to be driven by an out of control consumer/producer economic system that can only sustain itself by having more and getting bigger, which works ok in a developing world with large resources like a young America, but begins to break down when resources including geography begin to run out.

Areas of life that were traditionally never meant to be dynamic such as careers, are undergoing change. And these changes seem to be across the board, social, political and economic. As hard as it is to imagine, politics is getting even more incompetent than in the past. Before, there always seemed to be a few who actually had a grip on reality.

Enter The Merchants

The push of the merchant agenda to quickly implement fair trade deals in order to further their own ends which traditionally have had little to do with the welfare of more than a few, has had social and economic consequences that were foreseeable if anyone had cared to look hard enough, or cared if they did. Now, fair trade may or may not be a good idea, but its implementation was not well thought out, and this was just one event that has generated unforeseen changes in our world.
On a purely social level, ignorance, narrowness of mind and egocentrism, which has been the source of conflict and unrest in the past, will likely become more pronounced as resources get scarcer and scarcer. Rather than learn and improve our thinking skills, these skills are likely to become more and more based in prejudice, stereotypes and false self serving assumptions.

Symptoms Causes and Solutions

In a world where numerous affects come at us from many different directions that the average citizen doesn't have any control over, where can we turn for answers? The traditional political solution would be to throw money at the symptoms, the same solution model that the pharmaceutical industry uses to enhance their bottom line. However, focusing on symptoms alone is not about solutions, it's about providing temporary relief.

When it come to social issues, especially global issues, this kind of behavior constitutes avoidance of responsibility by denial. We address the symptom in some way, throw money at it, give it lip service, put together a token gesture, just so we can convince ourselves that we have actually done something real. The problem with this, is that we only eased our pain/conscience while doing nothing to actually deal with the underlying causes.

This is not the appropriate place to go into the motivations behind our self deceptive behavior, for now we must accept the assumption that we do engage in such behavior so that we can move on to understanding the situation and look at possible real solutions to the real problems as opposed to real symptoms.

Our first objective is to figure out how to tell the difference between the symptom and the underlying problem or problems. Once that is accomplished, we are only at the starting point, we must then identify and define the problem to a deep enough extent, that we get a good understanding of it, so that we have the slightest chance of finding a solid solution. Looking for solutions to something we don't have a complete understanding of is counterproductive, if not just plain dumb.

Are We The Problem?

The Human being is a complex form of life, and this very complexity sometimes becomes a liability that can make it difficult for us to achieve certain objectives. One of those certain objectives is seeing ourselves clearly, looking in the mirror and wiping away all the fantasy versions of ourselves until the only thing left is the true reality. Here is where a very strange thing occurs, but few ever realize it. We don't seem to be able to be aware enough to be astonished at the fact of all those fantasy versions of ourselves. Almost as if we take them for granted. And now we need to ask, even if we did allow ourselves to realize this situation, would we be concerned?