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"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

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The Condition Of Our ConditionArticles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

Dealing With Change   By Paige Foxfire

When We Are The Problem

That may have sounded like a strange question, and you might have responded to it by saying to yourself 'well of course I'd be concerned'. But would we really? Why now? Why were we not concerned before we allowed this situation to come about in the first place? Being concerned is more than just saying the words. We Humans are very good at mistaking the word for the reality. This is in fact one of our favorite strategies for avoiding the necessity of actually doing anything we don't want to do, or knowing anythingwe don't want to know, or associating ourselves with the events that take place in our lives and our world that we don't like.

When we are the problem, then it is essential that we find the courage to recognize our power and begin to use that power on our behalf. Why does it take courage? Because when we accept our power we also must accept our responsibility for that power and thus ourselves. It is in that power that the only real security can be found.

The Only Real Secutity

So how do we deal with so many changes and variables? The good news is that we do have the tools that are needed, to deal with uncertainty and unpredictabity. The bad news is that those tools take a little work to learn how to use. The first and without a doubt the most difficult goal, is learning how to live in the here and now. Now this may come naturally to some people but to most of us this is really hard. It's about focus, attention and awareness. The main reason why this is difficult is that we so rarely visit this reality. The reason why we need to get to this time is that it is the only time that anything is actually real and therefore is the only time that anything is likely to be effective and if we are committed to doing anything real, we have to do it effectively, and that can only happen in the here and now.

Thinking Skills

Learning how to use our tools will require doing exercises, but these exercises are very different. These are mind exercises and must be conducted in a special place in time in order to be effective. That place in time is the here and now.

This article of course is not the place to go into the details of how to use our tools, there are many resources out there that can help us learn these techniques and skills, not the least of which is the Agenda of Life Foundations Integrated Human Course which is very affordable and is much more complete than other similar courses because it covers the entire Human being, not just the mind.

Ultimately the only real security is our own ability to process information accurately and appropriately in real time and on many levels. That means we must develop our abilities to be aware on many levels as well as develop our thinking skills to a point where we can deal with whatever happens in our world whenever it happens. We don't try to deny it, avoid it or retreat into fantasy versions of reality. We see it like it is and deal with it like it is, and that is real power, and the only real security.

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