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The Mind Body Connection   By R.E. Darby

Many of us set goals that include our bodies in some way. Whether it is physical fitness or weight control or just the maintenance of health, this article explores why people experience different levels of acheivment and different timeframes.

Between Mind and Body

One of the first and maybe the most critical error any of us make when we undertake any project that has to do with our body, is we don't give it enough thought. We just start focusing on the body itself.

By our current knowledge, the relationship between the mind and the body would indicate a much more intimate and powerful connection. We hear that body builders focus on the muscles they are working on, but what exactly does focus mean? Just how does the mind work with the body? We know that the subconscious mind controls the automatic systems of the body, that is; breathing, heartbeat, learned movements, but can we use the conscious mind to somehow effect the physical body?

Thoughts and Power

A mechanic trying to fix a car without the use of tools isn't likely to accomplish much. Trying to accomplish anything without the full knowledge of the power of the mind will only produce partial, unpredictable and superficial results. The spirit hosts the mind and the mind is extremely powerful. If you don't believe this, simply ask yourself how anything exist if you are unconscious. For the person who is rendered unconscious or dead, the universe and all reality as he or she knew it ends.

It would seem that everything springs from our mind and the thoughts it produces. If we accept this as a truth and use it as a basic assumption, we can connect a few other dots as well. We might start wondering if thoughts have energy or power, and as far as our concern here is with the body, do thoughts have power over the body beyond that of the subconscious? Well, what if we woke up one morning and decided to populate our mind with nothing but thoughts of misery, frustration, disaster and failure? How do you think we would end up feeling that day? Thoughts have the power to effect everything, absolutely.

Applying Power

The Human mind has infinite power available to it, mostly this is spiritual power which can be used by our thoughts in order to accomplish tasks. This also allows us to actually use the power of the subconscious mind as well, and this is no small powerhouse, this is the mind that can and does tap into the infinite power of the Universe in order to accomplish anything it is set to do.

Be aware that power is a two edged tool. Use it wisely and it will serve you well, use it carelessly and you will serve it.

So, how to use the mind to accomplish physical objectives? Specifically when working with the body? Well this idea may seem strange at first, but whatever you want to do with your body, do it in your mind first. Do it in as much detail as possible. Imagine it, visualize it, know it, believe it as though it is an already accomplished fact. This step sets the subconscious mind in motion, working in the background even while we sleep.

Thoughts and Change

Believe it or not, that first step is all you really need to do. Yes! Just keep that mental image in your conscious mind and it will become a reality. Be on the lookout for resistance, those negative little thoughts designed to sabotage any efforts at change. Also be aware that change will produce an environment of unfamiliarity and we are usually uncomfortable with unfamiliar circumstances. This will only be temporary until the change becomes familiar. Let's say you want to lose weight. Don't focus on what you don't want, build a picture of what you do want and then focus on that. For example; decide on and see yourself at your perfect weight. Bring the power of your will and total desire into the decision making process and this will empower your thoughts to bring about a state of change.

Our minds have the power to change any part of the physical manifestation of reality, all reality. Altering our physical appearance is almost a waste of such awesome power but it's a good little test and verification platform. Also be aware that suddenly standing in the presents of such power can be frightening, you will need to bring some courage to the task.

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