Self Improvement

Things To Think About

Education or Indoctrination,
Which do we have?Has the education system in the US failed in its mission?

What's Up With Ming

"Did you ever feel like an alien who somehow became stranded on a planet called Earth where nothing seemed to make any sense?" A quote from "Ming The Merciless"

Civilization Rehab

Recovering from civilization can be brutal but neccessary if we are to become truly free from it's influence. Kick the civilization habit here!

Being Human

The Condition Of Our Condition Articles on the Human condition and how we might improve it.

Our Mission

Although some of the vehicles we use to communicate our message, such as humor and critical feedback and even sarcasm, are sometimes difficult to accept and deal with, try to remember that we are motivated by the caring heart. We know that the search for the truth can sometimes be painful, but it is a trade off we accept in order to be free of the shakles of fear and ignorance.

We Make Our Stand

Our mission is to help the general population of Human life forms on the planet Earth achieve a higher level of intelligence and awareness through the activity of learning and growing, specifically focused in the area of self improvement and personal development, with the ultimate goal being the acheivement of a higher consciousness that allows us to be aware of realities and issues beyond our personal interests.

It is our position that the future of all life on this world depends on the ability of the majority of Humans to make informed rational and therefore hopefully, intelligent decisions.

Without well developed critical thinking skills that are used to process information in ways that lead to deeper awareness, understanding and wisdom, we will go extinct without making any significant positive or meaningful contribution to anything for anyone.

Having said this, we also believe that the Human life form is the most incredible and powerful form of life to ever appear on this world and possibly this galaxy or even this Universe, and we need to discover, develop and use that power to begin finding ways to deal with the underlying causes of the global problems we are faced with today.

The first of these underlying causes is the individual Human life form, us. Our first and basic strategy is to find new and innovative paradigms or conceptual frameworks that might generate new ways of perceiving ourselves that open up new possibilities in order to explore our vast potential and realize our path and purpose within the agenda of life.