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Of Two Minds   By R.E. Darby

For a species to neglect the development of what some believe to be the most powerful component of our mental capabilities, is more than a little mystifying. This article explores the why's and wherefore's of the development of the two major components of the mental Human, the conscious and subconscious mind.

Conscious and Subconscious

There are more than just a few mysteries to be found when we explore the idea of the conscious and subconscious mind. There is a not so obvious mystery that we don't cover in this article, which is the mystery of why we do not explore and develop the conscious mind to its full extent and potential. In other words, it is not just the subconscious mind that we have neglected to fully comprehend.

We cannot focus on all the mysteries here so we will take just a few. The first one may go a long way in explaining the next. The first one is; 'why did our species choose to pursue the materialistic reality exclusively?' which of course left the spiritual and any other possible realities completely unexplored.

The first mystery isn't too hard to figure out since our first encounter with reality is through our physical senses when we are faced with the problem of survival and so must begin to associate what our senses are telling us with our immediate physical environment. It is interesting to wonder what reality a new born Human might come up with without the help of other Humans who have already interpreted their associations between their senses and the physical world. It would seem that social indoctrination occurs early.

But even without such interference, how reasonable is it to expect Humans to perceive that which is unavailable to the physical senses? Especially in view of the fact that the physical or materialistic reality places so many demands on us very early on. There are subtle hints that occur, but they are usually drowned in the sensory onslaught of the materialistic world. So, it is not so difficult to understand how, what might be considered our natural development, might have gotten sidetracked.

What is astonishing, is that the Human species has continued its obsession with the materialistic reality exclusively for so long without realizing that this reality does not provide spiritual peace or well being.

Many have felt that something was missing in their lives and turned to organized religion for their answers and some of those have been fortunate and have found the answers they were looking for, but sadly, many organized religions have also become captive to the materialistic world and have focused more on power and control than spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Awareness

So why are we talking about spiritual awareness instead of the Human mind? Because spiritual awareness brings the realization of not only the existence of the subconscious mind, but it's power and potential as well. Science has described and defined the subconscious mind only to the extent that it relates to the material world, namely the autonomic functions of the Human body. But what if this was just a minor duty performed by this manifestation of the brains capability?

What if the subconscious mind was like the genie in the bottle? In fact, what if this was one of the primary mechanisms of Human power and potential? The machinery that allows the Human life form to translate our conscious thoughts into physical realities.

If you're thinking that we're getting out there in lala land, think again! There is more than overwhelming evidence that this is actually true. Many of us have used this enormous power without realizing it.

The thoughts of our conscious mind, coupled with emotional intensity, are a demand on our subconscious mind to set into motion all the necessary circumstances and conditions that will bring about the physical manifestation of those thoughts and desires.

What's even stranger is the fact that this is not news to the Human species. This knowledge has been available for decades. So why have we not taken advantage of it? And that is perhaps the real important question here. Important because it may reveal another mystery.

Human Potential

The astonishing realization that the Human species has failed to pursue the development of our greatest capability even after we know of its existence, leaves us with two options.

Continue to ignore the issue altogether, or face the question of why we have ignored it at all? Is it fear? If so, fear of what? Is it that we have fallen victim to the comforts and pleasures provided by the material world to the extent that we are under a spell from which it is difficult to awaken?

What have we allowed ourselves to become that we turn our backs on the realization of our greatest natural gifts? And not just any gifts, but the gifts that represent the doorway to the full development of our enormous potential.

The answer to this mystery of course is not a social one, but an individual one. There can be any number of reasons why we as individuals have failed to develop our power and therefore the promise of our species.

For now it is important to know that it exists, it is real, it can be developed and used to achieve success, prosperity, spiritual awareness, peace and well being. It is there for us when we find the personal courage to finally risk exploring the unknown territory and take responsibility for the personal power we will discover there.

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