Self Improvement

Behavior Modification

Making changes to our thinking and behavior doesn't have to be painful or expensive.
Check this great resource out.

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My Yoga Online Videos

Additional Personal Growth Resources

The Emotional Domain

Trans4mind | Personal Development | Tools for Transformation
Comprehensive free resources for your personal development including personal coaching, online courses and books, and hundreds of ebooks and videos.

The Mind And Body

Freeing our selves from fear is a major undertaking and we definitely need a little guidance.

When all other methods for dealing with weight control have failed, this is the solution.

If you are not feeling secure in yourself, here is where you can develop the all important self confidence.

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Easy! Quick! Powerful! Affordable!
See the stunning array of self improvement possibilities here!

Self hypnosis library from hypnosis

A Mega Self Improvement Resource

Self Improvement from - is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

Critical Thinking Community

This is not a resource only for educators, it is for every Human on the planet Earth. This resource is of critical importance and you can find them here.

Mental Discipline

Panic and anxiety have reached epidemic levels and are exerting much too much influence in our lives today.

Neuro-VISION Quit Smoking Weight Loss CDs
Neuro-Vision is the most advanced NLP/Hypnosis program available:
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Hate Working Out? Paying a BIG Price for it?

Ming The Merciless
Training The Mind
Success Failure and Personal Power
Who Is Ming the Merciless?
A Ship Called Ghost

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