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The Human Characteristics Of The Success Mindset  By:  R.E. Darby

The Human Factors

Success is as much about attitude as it is about skills. You can have all the skills in the world and still fail to achieve an objective. Setting goals, defining objectives and creating plans designed to achieve those objectives is essential of course, but really successful people know that there is a human factor to the success equation that can and often does make the difference between success and failure.

These human characteristics are usually invisible and work in the background and this is why they rarely receive the attention they deserve. We don't normally recognize them until we come up against a goal or objective that isn't the most pleasant, such as recognizing and changing behavior patterns in ourselves that are not the most attractive, in which case we find ourselves in unknown territory trying to deal with slippery issues and are risking unknown consequences. The following human characteristics of success are critical in these or any activity that is difficult.

  • Confidence

    Confidence and faith are sometimes interchangeable, but the enemy of both is doubt. The concept of doubt, in the right time and place, can be useful. But if not consciously understood and controlled, it can be an extremely corrosive and destructive force. The success mindset doesn’t waste time questioning their basic ability to perform; it is too busy exercising that ability in order to achieve.

  • Determination

    It is natural whenever we undertake a difficult project and the tasks necessary to successfully achieve best results, to encounter unforeseen obstacles. Determination is the power to see things through regardless of any challenges that arise.

  • Desire

    Many people miss this one, yet it is one of the keys to power. Without desire, what is the point? Why are we doing what we are doing if it does not serve our intention? Are we just building a token gesture in service of some hidden agenda or motive? Perhaps even hidden from ourselves? A clear decisive intention based on a well defined desire is necessary here. Thought, without the power of desire to give it vitality, is sterile and powerless to create.

  • Commitment

    If we state our desire but then fail to bring the full array of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical resources to the table, then our desire is not genuine, our commitment is empty and has no strength. The success mindset brings a 100% personal investment to the table. Which means a total commitment of personal resources like energy, skills and talents and all the human characteristics.

  • Work

    This is the actual time and sweat and personal energy that is always necessary to achieve success. This is often the critical element to the success of some project or task, the human factor that is so difficult to quantify or qualify. This is the rolling up of the sleeves and getting down to it element. This isn't only physical activity but mental as well.

  • Decisiveness

    Few people understand just how important our ability to make choices based on options is. Like desire, this is one of the keys to power. But there are meaningful decisions and there are meaningless decisions. The success mindset only engages in meaningful decisions because they are the only decisions that have any power to affect anything at all.

  • Perseverance

    Often confused with determination or will, perseverance is that quality which is related to commitment that tolerates no thoughts of surrender, giving up or failure of any kind. This is the mindset that knows we will get up and brush ourselves off and get back in the game, and do so until we achieve success.

  • Faith

    While this is one of the foundations of power itself, it is also an absolute requirement of success. Closely related to self confidence and often confused with it, faith is purely spiritual and so is not compatible with the word symbols of language, but this has to do with our power to believe in things even though we have no evidence in the material world to support that belief. This one takes strength of character and personal courage.

  • Patience

    This is the ring that binds them all. This is where we let go and put faith to the test and let all these elements do their magic without unnecessary interference on our part. The success mindset never questions this, it is automatic, we are confident in our faith in the power to believe in successful outcomes.

These characteristics are part of the creative power that is natural to the human species, a power that is little known to the vast majority of people on the planet because we seem to fear the light and our own power more than we do the darkness of the ignorance that we take refuge in. Should you ever decide to break free of the trance of civilization, you might want to read this e-book.