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The Agenda of Life   By Bad Bob

Does life have an agenda? If so, what might that agenda be? How might the Human form of life fit into that agenda? Should we even ask what the ultimate goal of an agenda of life might be?

The Tenacity of Life

If you think the question 'does life have an agenda' is silly, then think about the tenacity of life to persist. Such tenacity has to have an agenda driving it. So, again we ask, what might that agenda be? The most obvious answer to this question is 'to survive and perpetuate itself' which sounds good, but why? Is life its own justification for existence? Why?

If we look back across the tapestry of time and consider the track record of life on this world provided by our scholars, life has taken some big hits periodically. And how does it respond? It takes what it is left with and begins to implement its agenda once more. Experiment, select, diversify, adjust and modify. And then it happened.


It came up with possibly the greatest adaptation of life that has ever appeared on this world and perhaps even this instance of Universe. Whether by accident or design, what matters is the reality itself. It came up with a life form that could not only choose how to adapt itself, but whether to adapt at all. This adaptation represented enormous power, and this kind of power brings enormous danger as well. This power has two edges. Power is a capability and those with such capabilities need to learn how to use them intelligently. If not, that power will serve any master and usually that master is fear and ignorance.

That power is not whether to adapt or not, the power, and the great adaptation is, the ability to choose between options. Life took a huge risk with an adaptation of such enormous potential. And please note that, potential represents all possibilities, not just constructive ones.

Power of Choices

This adaptation brought with it the seeds of life's destruction. There was a huge gamble involved here. The gamble was and is, that within that potential, also lay the possibility for actual intelligence. The power of choice, in order to be used constructively, must be used intelligently. The other option is destruction.

Life on this planet seems to be organized into a balanced, integrated, interdependent, systems structure. All life and its purpose seems to be well thought out, that is, except the Human form of life. What did life have in mind when it allowed this adaptation to develop? Was it looking for possible candidates for management positions? Was it perhaps trying to develop a dispersion and distribution capability in order to get it's precious treasure off of just one location, just one world?

Fear, Ignorance and Growing Up

Currently, life's problem is the fact that the intelligence part of the potential hasn't developed, so fear and ignorance are driving the car, which makes the Human species a huge liability rather than an asset to life's agenda. The Human species needs to wake up and grow up before life is forced by its own need to survive, to make a decision concerning this adaptation of life, based on its agenda, the agenda of life.

The Human species of life can and must develop beyond our adolescents so we can begin to grow towards realizing our potential and purpose. That purpose may well be as the keepers of all life. It is long past the time for us to awaken from the fear and ignorance induced trance that we have been taking shelter in, and start recognizing actual reality as it really is. Otherwise, we will have failed to achieve the promise of our great and unique power, and the consequences of that failure are just too terrible to consider.

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